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However, she still wanted to be ready for action, just in case. It was a boring Saturday night, and Sam had nothing to do. Putting on a little pink g-string and black bra, Sam wore her modest red dress that was full sleeved and up to her neck and a pair of knee-high black boots. She felt like going out, but wasn't a fan of dressing camille grammer softcore like a slut.

" Sam thought to herself as she noticed some other girls there flashing their tits to the camera crew. After a couple of drinks and sitting alone, Sam was feeling bored and tipsy. "God, you must be desperate to flash for a shirt! When she got dirtygardengirl there, there was a camera crew for Canadian Wild Girls, a Girls Gone Wild style show where they film amateur girls and give them stickers or t shirts in exchange for the girls flashing them.

Feeling like she accomplished both of her goals, she set out for her nearby bar, The Globe. Rolling her eyes, Sam went to the dirtygardengirl bar and ordered a long island iced tea. Noticing the crew wasn't currently filming or photographing any of the other girls, Sam got up from the bar and moved towards them.

Smirking back at her, the camera guy replied "well, girls usually show their panties or thongs". Smiling at the nearest camera guy, Sam said "so what do girls do if they don't want to show their tits? Noticing her breasts pushing up against her red dress, the camera guy responded with "you'll get a sticker at least, we usually give shirts to girls who flash their tits".

Climbing up, Sam mounted the pool table on her knees doggy-style. "Maybe I'll just tease them" she thought to herself. The guys loved it, and they asked her to show more. Smiling, Sam moved to the pool table, asking the camera guy "if I show my g-string do I get a shirt? "I'm not that kind of girl" Sam said with a smirk, as she got down from the pool table, her dress hiking up to give the guys a frontal shot of her g-string.

The camera guy snapped a couple quick pics. The guys gave Sam a little sticker, which she put on the dress right above her left boob. "If you want to show more, let us know babe" one of the other camera crew said to her. Sam noticed that a small group of men not associated with the camera crew had begun to congregate near the pool table.

Some of them had been nearby when Sam had flashed the Gone Wild crew and had told their buddies who wanted a closer look in case she decided to show more. She could hear them making lewd comments about her body to each other, most of them too drunk to realize how loud they were being. If she had been in any other situation, it would have made her mad, but with a few drinks in her, and her pulse already quickened from the show she had put on earlier she found herself getting wet.

Feeling excited by this, Sam motioned to the pool table and said "fine, a peek at my g-string for a sticker". A voice suddenly appeared next to her at the bar, "that was quite a show you gave us "money well spent" she thought to herself. She pushed the guy kissing her away to look down at herself and, with a little relief, saw she was being fingered.

The men screamed for her to "take it all off" as she sat up on her knees and stretched, giving them all a really good look at her tits. The thought that she would be responsible for giving a whole bar full of men an erection was both empowering and erotic, and that only increased the intensity of the orgasm that was building in her right now. She felt someone gently push her thighs apart and she relented, and then felt her pussy being penetrated.

She moaned, arched her back, and turned to her left where she lay closest to the edge of the table. And there, only inches from her face, was a huge bulge straining against a pair of well worn jeans. Whoever was attached to it needed no further prompting, and unzipped his pants to release his cock. She was acutely aware that there was a crowd watching her, and that turned her on immensely, but the specifics were lost.

By now she was surrounded by about 8 men of various ages, and a cameraman, with a few more of the crew - including 1 female - shouting directions in his ear. She grabbed it, opened her greedy mouth, and pulled it closer plenty of coverage of Sam getting drenched but no good shots of her eating cum to round it out, as he had been too busy trying to hide the camera and avoiding the bouncers at the time.

And then Sam had a very wicked idea. The cameraman was eager to review his footage, exclaiming how that was by far the hottest episode he had ever filmed, though he was worried that the bar manager had ruined it by breaking it up too early. "How about you film me eating your cum?

He looked nervously at his assistant, and they simply stared at one another for a moment. Hearing them only made Sam wetter, she wasn't satisfied yet! She went on to explain that it could be edited in to make it look like part of the original footage.

The female crew member was a youngish girl, mid-20's at a guess, with an attractive face although devoid of makeup, her hair tied back in a pony tail and a nice body with a decent rack hidden beneath a baggy sweatshirt. "One twist" Sam started, clearly enjoying this moment. The cameraman then uttered a tentative "OK" whilst holding the girl's gaze, and when she didn't freak out he turned to Sam.

Without taking her eyes off him she said, "She is! "I'm not going to make you cum! " she directed towards the cameraman. " she suggested to the cameraman. The female crew member, Jenny, gave a look of shock. Unbuckling the camera guy’s belt, Jenny pulled down his pants and boxers, while Sam watched a couple feet to their side.

Pulling his throbbing cock out, Jenny pressed her lips against his tip, before dirtygardengirl licking it and taking it into her mouth. Yet, she was unable to hide the briefest of smiles. He had a look of confusion on his face as a wide grin crept across Sam's face. ", nodding her head towards the female crew member.

Sam meanwhile slid a hand up her thighs, moving her fingers under her red dress. Still incredibly aroused from undressing and being cummed on by most of the guys in the bar, her lips quivered as she watched Jenny sucking heartily on the camera guy’s cock.

She moved her other hand up to her covered breasts, pushing them up through her dress. Unable to contain herself, Sam moaned, pulling her dress up to her stomach and keeping it there with her thumb before sliding her index and middle fingers into her pussy. Sucking away on her coworker’s cock, Jenny played with his balls with her left hand, as he moaned appreciatively.

"God", Jenny thought to herself," how dirtygardengirl many times can this tramp get off? " She knew this job would have a lot of attention whores and sluts wanting to show off, but something about this red dressed girl was different. She began playing with herself, teasing her fingers across her wet pussy. Most girls filmed wouldn’t take all their clothes off, get fingered, cum, and get cummed on just for a dinky shirt and sticker.

From the cameraman's reaction, he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. Sam was impressed, Jenny was pretty good at sucking cock. Sam suddenly realised that she should be naked if they were going to splice the footage. Sam pushed the cameraman against the bathroom counter while Jenny got on her knees, her tight blue jeans straining.

She quickly pulled her red dress over her head and unclipped her bra, tossing them both aside. Hearing moaning beside her, Jenny looked and saw Sam playing with herself, dress up to her stomach, fingers in her wet pussy and hand rubbing her covered breasts.

Feeling even more aroused, Jenny started sucking more vigorously on her coworkers cock. Still, this slut’s display did turn Jenny on, as the girls previous only flashed their tits for the cameras. He grunted out a warning and Jenny ducked out of the way as the first rope of cum burst from the tip of his cock and landed across Sam's face. Far from protesting, Jenny let out a moan and only increased her pace on the cameraman's cock.

As she watched her pony tail bob up and down on his cock, she continued to play with her pussy with one hand, and then reached around to grab Jenny's breast with the other. He continued to cum by the bucket-load; obviously pent-up from the earlier show, and perhaps enhanced by the fact that his assistant was sucking him off. Sam's face and breasts were covered in warm, gooey cum. In truth, she couldn't get enough, and all the while had been fingering herself and thinking about having that thick hard cock inside her pussy.

As Jenny worked away on the cock, she couldn't help but glance sideways to look at Sam's amazing tits. Sam made a great show of scooping up the last glob of cum from her perfect breast, and slowly brought it to her mouth. She deposited it onto the tip of her tongue, then turned and gently grabbed Jenny's head, pulled it to hers, and tongue-kissed her passionately. When she was all-but finished she noticed Jenny sitting on the floor beside her, just out of shot and absolutely transfixed by the whole scene.

Licking the cum clean off of her tongue, she felt Sam’s hands moving her sweatshirt up. Taking the hint, Jenny stopped kissing Sam to take off her sweater, her breasts in her plain white bra exposed to Sam and her coworker! Sam didn’t stop there, she was feverishly unbuckling Jenny’s jeans now.

Smirking, Sam quipped to Jenny "laundry day? Still horny as hell, and waiting for the cameraman to explode, Sam positioned herself directly behind Jenny. ", in response to her plain-jane underwear. Stunned, Jenny could only close her eyes and moan, as Sam’s cum-coated tongue made contact with hers. Both girls moaning, Sam moved her hands to Jenny’s breasts, pulling her bra’s cups down below her breasts, her hard nipples exposed.

Jenny’s moaning and lip-biting signaled that she was loving every second of it! Jenny only blushed, as Sam moved in and kissed Jenny’s neck passionately. Sam had worked her way down Jenny's body now, licking the juices from the front of her soaked panties. She made a great show of slowly licking it and swallowing it for the camera.

Kissing down Jenny’s neck, Sam started licking Jenny’s breasts, settling on sucking her left nipple. Jenny wasted no time in pulling them off, and then hoisted herself up onto the counter and spread her legs to give Sam unrestricted access to her smoothly shaved and glistening pussy. " When Jenny heard that she gasped and sat upright, looking at the cameraman with an alarmed expression.

She paused only to yell at the cameraman, "Would you stop fucking around with that camera, and start fucking me? But before she could object any further, Jenny was consumed by an orgasm that racked her entire body. Overcome by her sexual desires, Jenny helped her, unbuttoning her blue jeans and pulling them off to reveal her matching white panties.

The cameraman didn't need to be told twice, and all-but-threw the camera onto the counter. "Don't worry, this part is strictly for my private collection! He positioned himself behind Sam, and pushed his cock straight into her waiting pussy with no resistance.

"Oh God, I've been waiting for this all night! He began to thrust deeply into Sam as her face contorted into a expression of pleasure so intense it could have been mistaken for pain. Coming down from her orgasm, sitting naked on the counter as her co-worker was fucking Sam only inches from her pussy, Jenny spied the camera next to her and picked it up. "Hey Joe", she called, and he looked up at her and smiled as he noticed Jenny was recording him.

It was still recording, so she aimed it at the action unfolding in front of her. " Sam, in between Joe's thrusts and her moans, could only smile. Looking up, she spotted Jenny, her bra down and tits out, filming this raunchy sexcapade. Sam was obviously an accomplished pussy eater as she brought Jenny closer to an orgasm.

Spotting Jenny's white panties on the bathroom floor, Sam picked them up, rolling the wet parts into a ball. She shoved them into Jenny's mouth, smirking at her surprise and noises, as she gagged on her own wet panties! Jenny pulled her panties from her mouth and spluttered, "What the fuck is wrong with you? "Don't bust a nut," she added with a smirk, "because it's my turn next!

She expected one of the drunk guys in the bar to fuck her, yet, the most sober one of them all was drilling her, AFTER her had cummed on her once already! ", more in annoyance than anger. Jenny had just made some comment about being next, which only annoyed Sam. "How much cum can you want?

", he started, regarding Jenny with renewed interest. Sure, Sam was hot, but at the end of the day she was just another cum slut, and he wasn't going to worry about satisfying her if it meant jeopardising the chance to fuck Jenny.

He also knew she was a nice, down-to-earth girl, only involved in this business reluctantly to work her way through a journalism degree. "That bitch won't screw up my lay" Sam thought to herself. " she added, with exasperation in her voice. Joe continued to drive his cock into Sam furiously, as Sam moaned in pleasure.

" he added boastfully. He hadn't really taken much interest in her before now, but looking at her naked spread-eagle on the counter, she actually had a damn fine body and a pretty face. As Joe slowed his grinding as his eruptions subsided, Sam could only mutter the word "FUCK! "I've got plenty to go around, you won't miss out, I promise!

And then Joe grunted loudly, and as he shot his first load of cum into Sam, she groaned in unison. Joe had to hold Sam up by the hips, as her legs gave way under her during her orgasm. Suddenly Sam was no longer jealous of Jenny - she was completely and utterly sated and could barely move.

Jenny could hear the slap of balls against pussy, punctuated with their vocalisation of pleasure. " over and over again. Joe had stepped towards Jenny, and leaned in to kiss her. When Joe had finished, he pulled out his deflated cock and let Sam slip gently to the floor.

Jenny was taken aback by the force of the kiss; lustful but also in a way, gentle. " exclaimed Sam, "I'm just helping him get ready for you this time! She lost herself in his attention and his touch on her body made her quiver, getting wetter and wetter by the minute. And then she noticed Sam sucking on his cock again out of the corner of her eye.

" Jenny spat, starting to really lose patience with this slut. Jenny lost focus when Joe started to suck on her aching nipple, and once again she forgot that Sam was even there. She found her bra and dress, and pulled herself upright to put them on. Exhausted, she could feel Joe's hot cum dripping out of her pussy now, as she clung onto one of his muscular legs for support.

Sam released his cock from her mouth and slid underneath him and away from the counter. It wasn't long before Joe was hard again. Stepping through the door, Sam was now aware of how little the door blocked sound, hearing Jenny’s moaning fairly clearly. Looking in the mirror, she saw that she was an absolute mess, encrusted in the dry cum of at least 9 different men, hair everywhere and smudged make-up.

Feeling a dribble between her legs, she reached down and wiped away more cum. Checking her phone for the time, Sam was surprised that only a couple hours had passed. She smiled at herself as she got dressed, purposefully not straightening herself up. Moving back into the bar proper, she noticed the bar manager was gone, as was quite a few of the bar patrons.

It felt like she was being cummed on and fucked for an eternity! She was stopped near the entrance by one of the other Canadian Wild Girls crew members. As she strode towards the door, she noticed Joe slipping his cock into Jenny's eager pussy, and winked at Jenny as she walked out the door back into the bar.

"Shit" she thought to herself, "It would have been nice if someone didn’t take my panties". Rolling the tank top up, Sam put it in her purse before leaving the bar. "Hang on sweetheart", he said, "gonna need your signature on one of these release forms". Taking his pen and signing it quickly, the crew member gave her a white tank top and a sticker, "the usual stuff we give girls" he said.

She noticed the cabbie eyeballing her in the rear-view mirror, but she was too tired to care. Outside, she got into a cab, giving directions back home. Wanting to make a quick escape, Sam strode towards the entrance.

Taking off her dress, she noticed there was quite a few dried splatters on it, someone must have jacked off onto it. Showering away all the dried cum off of her body, Sam dried herself off before heading to her bedroom. Stepping into her apartment, Sam went to the bathroom to clean up. Before she went to bed, she put on the tank top, a red maple leaf and the words Canadian Wild Girls emblazoned on it.

Taking a glance at it, Sam noticed that it gave them permission to use and post all images and video of her. Smirking, Sam thought to herself "guess I am a wild girl" before falling asleep.

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The night has just about fallen onto us. By the time we make it up to my picked out spot it will be dark. As instructed you wear something comfortable, accessible and beautiful. Its starts with a five minute embrace and lips finding each other dileberatly slow and sensual.

Driving up south we detour to drive by your old house. Comfortable blue jeans and matching white silky soft white thongs. You recall silently in your head our first time. White Tank top with a long sleeve button up. We reluctantly let go, take a drink of our water and buckle up for a long highly anticipating ride up to the mountains. The memories of me knocking lightly and you sneaking me in as 14/15 year olds come flashing back.

I pick you up for our date. I hold your camille grammer softcore hand tight in your lap. With the windows rolled down the cool air feels pleasant as the road becomes rocky and its slow going up. Smooth and curvy we make it to the first turn off on the left.

I feel your pussy getting warm. Instinctively you lean back against your seat and push you self up and more towards me closing your eyes not knowing what we will be doing but knowing its going to feel as great as ever. Pressing against your slowly opening legs. The mountains turn into dark sky as we reach the City side of the mountain.

All the new experiences that bed taught us. A little known one way up known for its view. The drop off is steep but where we are going you feel safe. I grab a big heavy blanket find a level spot and lay it down its very dark. My hands leave yours and put them in between your legs. The City view is beautiful no smoke just lights from town and endless stars. Bump after bump leads to more inadvertent pressure and please for you.

We sit down I brought up a bottle of wine and some plastic cups open the cork and pour a glass for the both of us. We laugh and take a huge sip. We lay on our sides looking at each other. Admiring our dimly lite eyes we quickly finish our dirtygardengirl drinks. Theres not a sound but the crickets and a slight wind moving the trees back and forth like your hips listening to music.

Instantly you feel the warmth run down you. We start are ascend up the mountain road. I take the lead and lay you down so Im on top of you your legs open so my thigh can press against your pussy. You kiss even harder and press yourself grinding trying to find relief.

I brought my powerful flashlights we can use to have fun and play around shooting it into the trees. Throw them aside and start kissing. One by one I make it to the bottom. Expertly I do it w one hand and your breast fall out I take the left one and grasp it. I slip my fingers on one shoulder and pull your sleeve down then the next until its just your cute white tank.

Only your bra is left for me to un hook. I lean down and take one in my mouth hitting the nipple right away. I pull my shirt off completely leaving your lips for just a second. Circling your nipples with my fingers. I need them in my mouth. You moan and grasp at my belt less pants. With out our lips leaving each other I find your buttoned shirt and methodically starting at the top expose your chest to the cool air.

I pull back and help you I push them down with my legs and get them completely off. I go back to your breasts this time the other one and take my free hands and unbutton your pants. Doing the same thing I get them off with your help all thats between us is thin layers of underwear. Reaching in you feel my cock starting to grow in your hand.

You unbutton and open them up. I teasingly put my fingers inside the hips side of your thongs and you hardly containing yourself think Im going to slide them off. Lift up and move between your legs. I roll you completely on your back. You cant help yourself and do the same. I start kissing your neck and your ears. All wed have to do is slide aside our underwear and my cock would slide right inside of you.

I start feeling your hips and ass while we kiss. Pull it with my teeth and play with the other one getting it ready for its turn. I grab your white thongs that are now dripping wet and press my face inhaling your beautiful scent. I press my face hard onto your pussy. You know what Im going to do next. Your looking up at the stars occasionally seeing a shooting one.

Your hands grab my hair. I get into position to eat your pussy. Finally I pull them completely off of you. Opening your legs you invite my tongue I kiss around your lips giving you a little tease. But the anticipation has been too great I want to give you what you want. Start kissing your breasts again tickling your sides as I make my way down your stomach kissing and feeling you.

My body temporarily falls on top of you and you feel my cock pressing against your ever more opening. You start to pull them down and I lift up letting you get past my ass. You want to feel my tongue inside your pussy bad. I go down my tongue never leaving your sensitive spots and find your dripping hole waiting to be fucked. I lick it up and down.

Then my tongue dives in. Im inches alway I pull my underwear off so we are even. I find your clit first. I move back to your clit i slide my expert finger inside of you and finger fuck while sucking on your clit. Feeling that sensation in and out.

Your hands grip the blankets I oblige and fuck you taking you closer to your first orgasm. You tell me not to stop. I let you have your way and just apply pressure and move my mouth around my fingers in and out you start saying your going to cum. You cant take it and explode all over me.

Your eyes close and open not drug porn believing what your felling and seeing. Pulsating your pussy clings to my fingers. You start to feel it building and building it doesnt take too long before your hips aggressively rock against my mouth. Holding my tongue on it you rock your hips moving them high trying to fuck my face and get my tongue to move for your orgasm.

Your clit ultra sensitive. I climb up and lay next to you. Up and down you touch your wet pussy and get my cock some natural lube. Taking my fingers out you gasp. I slip my 2nd finger inside then your body. You tell me to lay on my back.

Your hand heads down to my hard cock and starts stroking it. You rub it while I barely make out your body lite up by the City lights. You lean down and take it in your mouth. You want to give me the same pleasure I dirtygardengirl gave you.

I pull back and let you feel my fingers while your breathe slowly slowly slows down. Your going to make yourself cum. I look up at the same stars and you start kissing down my body. You reach my cock and take it in your hand.

Using your tongue to lick and suck at the same time. Up and down deep as you can go. Your lips enveloping my cock all at once. You want to have me finish in your mouth. I lay back trying to concentrate on the stars but your mouth is all i feel. This motivates you to suck even harder. You begin to move your head up and down.

Faster and faster you want to taste me. I tell you im cumming. Finally I cant take it and gently touch your head indicating Im about to explode. Rotating your lips around my fat cock head. You know its been a fantasy of mine. Im sensitive and pull you up to my chest.

You feel your mouth fill up with warm cum you swallow fast and pump my cock trying to empty it all. Instead of pulling away you draw Your lips even further down my shaft. Not knowing but still going until I scream. Using your hands expertly more and more. You trickle down to my cock and gently touch it. You can see the outline of my pulsating cock resting and slowly going soft.

Laying there naked w a soft blanket over us. Fuck that feels so good. It starts to wake up and get hard. The fulfilled feeling of our first orgasms. I climb on top of you. Your pussy starts dripping again. Your pussy aching to be filled I find your opening and slide right in. I push all the way in and let you lay there feeling full. Feeling my cock touch your insides. The breathe gets knocked out of you as our bodies become one heading towards another orgasm finish line.

Then I start going in and out. Wanting to feel it inside of you. Pumping and pumping you cum. We rub our hands over and over each other embracing. I want you another way. It feels so good you shudder. Your knees move up so I can fill you up even more. Slow at first then harder. The angle your getting now feels wonderful. I grab your ass and start sliding in and out.

Each full slide inside your body goes down you reach under and find your clit while I continue slamming now. Grabbing whatever you can as you cum all over my cock. Your fingers play with your clit wanting an orgasm both from your hand and my cock.

I lift you up on all fours and get myself behind you. More and more I keep at it. I pull out as you moan. Hitting all your spots. Your hands are dripping from your wetness. We hit our rhythm hard Im pounding. You tell me keep going your close. Your enjoying each pump. Our view as I slip my head in you is beautiful lights and stars.

This time inside of you. Again you feel me fill you up. I can feel your pussy clenche and I start to cum. I lay there letting you feel my hard cock slowly softening. I collapse on top of you. I tell you I want to cum with you. Again your head on my chest.

I kiss your forehead play with your hair when we catch our breathe I ask if you had fun. Pulling you towards me. Your hair is a fun mess I help you get dressed. The breathe knocking out of you the best feeling being balls deep. Play some music on low and you feel me reach for your hand. Eventually I pull out. Slamming slamming until Im empty.

We head into town and I tell you how great that was. I lean over and kiss you. What else could he be up to. We pack up our stuff playing some more with our flashlights heading to the car. I know just the place. Your exhausted temporarily I pull you back up to me facing town. dirtygardengirl And cant wait for whats in store in our bed later ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ /u/Sungio616

I cant wait for tonight. Youll just have to wait baby. Ask you if your ready for a late dinner?