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I came across every walk of life, had some some very interesting experiences, and some extremely filthy ones. It probably taught me more me more about life than travelling could have done. I'd been working there roughly three months, settled in pretty well, and most of the punters loved me. I got pretty friendly with these two builders who came in for a couple of pints every day after work, and most weekends they would be in there at least one night with their wives.

When I was 18 I took a year out before going to university and worked as a barman in my local pub. Lucy was a milf too, something that turned me a lot. My first threesome seems like a good opening story. All four of them were very friendly and open, and we all got on pretty well.

She had a nice rack on her, not as big as Lou's, but she had an amazing figure, and clearly liked to show it off. Both were in their 40s and the years had been much better to Joe. Mostly, it was the five of us and occasionally others would come along. Colombian marching powder and mandy seemed to be the weapons of choice and I was more than happy to free bbw take up the offer of free bbw substances. I would often accompany them back to Joe and Lucy's to carry on the night, which would often involve a few extras.

We'd stay up till the early hours before dispersing in our separate ways. She was blonde, average height and in her early 30s. Turns out those awesome boobs were fake, but she had some amazing bullet nips on them, a beautiful round ass, and a lovely smooth pussy. The first builder, Joe, was better looking, more in shape and fuller in the head than the second, Sam.

Sams wife, Becky, was also in her 40s, blonde quite short, curvy and had a pretty, but dirty smile. I got pretty close with Joe, and often our conversations were about sex, but not specifics. It got to about 1am, and Becky called a taxi to come and take Sam and her home. He would mostly ask me about good porn sites and eventually we ended up swapping shots of girls.

The usual ensued, lots of drink, drugs and chatting. I had a couple of FWB at the time, and he would send me pics of Lucy. One night we headed back to Joe and Lucy's, carried the night on. The taxi turned up, they said their goodbyes and left.

She offered the note to me first, I did mine, then she did hers, and without missing a beat, said, "So Joe says you've been enjoying some of our private pics, how would you like a look at the real thing? The three of us carried on drinking and chatting for a while, with the help of a few more lines. They got free bbw drinks in return at the pub.

Lucy started racking up again, and Joe left the room to go get some more alcohol. She clearly knew she had thrown me, and smiled, "I'll take that as a yes then. I was gobsmacked, I thought the picture swapping was just between me and Joe, and his eagerness to see some flesh. She slowly turned round to show me her perfectly pert breasts and her eyes locked onto my bulge.

We were about the same size, just over 8 inches, but i mine is a bit thicker. I wanked a lot to what he sent me. As she pulled it out my pants her eyes lit up and she smiled. It was her turn for a surprise, as she got to her knees and unbuttoned my jeans.

My hands were shaking, I had fantasied about this moment alot, and it was becoming reality. She sucked me pretty fast, and I probably would have cum . " My pants were getting tighter by the second, she turned her back towards me and asked my to unzip her dress. I'd had a lot of blowjobs, but she had at least 10 years of extra experience under her belt, and it showed.

"I told you he was big" Lucy took her mouth off my cock, and replied, "It's not just big, it's beautiful too" and smiled at him. Joe had clearly not shared the pics with her, as some had girls on the end of my dick, and I had seen Lucy with his. I just sat in silence, a bit overwhelmed but what was going on.

That's when Joe made himself known, interrupting us, "Excellent" he said. Lucy kissed the tip of my cock as Joe walked over, put the drinks on the table, and knelt down next to it do his line. Before I knew it she had her mouth round it and massaging my balls. As they pulled apart from each other Lucy turned her attentions back to my cock and went to start sucking me again Joe leaned in to join her.

It was the dirtiest smile I had ever seen. It was so hot seeing two people locked in an embrace like that, and somehow I was part of it. I'd had some bi experiences in the past, but I wasn't expecting it from Joe. My dick was twitching in lust for her but she let off as his hands started to wander her mostly naked body.

I watched as Joe passionately kissed his wife, he face covered in spit, as she played with my cock. As their hands and mouths started to wander my body, I leaned back and my eyes rolled back in my skull as I enjoyed my first double blowjob. He then crawled over to Lucy and grabbed hair.

From a bisexual married couple. I slid the zipper down and she stood up still facing away from me letting the dress drop to her feet to reveal that stunning body in nothing but a black lacy thong. We spent the next half hour or so playing, taking turns going down on each other.

Lucy led me by cock, pulling me straight onto the bed with her. He was such a bloke, a real man's man. Joe suggested we moved upstairs, so we gathered a few things and headed up. I just went with the flow, we we're all very high and horny. So good that I didn't think twice. We did some a few more lines, turns out Lucy has a big thing for doing lines of each others' bodies, which was fun.

I thrust upwards as I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me. Her thong was long gone by now and she rubbed the head of my cock of her bald, wet pussy. The tip popped in for a moment and it felt good. These guys were incredibly horny! She pushed me down and climbed on top, straddling me.

She had joked in the past that having a cesarean had its upsides, and I would agree with her. I turned my head to see Lucy on the screen, sucking what looked like Joe's cock. She gasped as my cock quickly filled her, stretching her tight pussy. Kneeling beside he reached out and grabbed Lucy's jaw kissing her hard, as his other wandered down her body to her pussy.

She stopped me immediately and re positioned herself so she was squatting. The sound of sex noises started coming from the huge tv at the other end of the bedroom. After a while, Joe announced it was his turn to get inside his wife. As i did this he started rubbing my cock as he played with Lucy's pussy, who was soaking by now, her juices running down my cock.

I turned my attentions back to Lucy, grabbed her arse cheeks and started to fuck her hard. His cock was just hanging inches from my faces, and I couldn't resist. We started to grind into each other, Lucy riding me as she played with her nipples, pinching them hard.

We maneuvered round so i was sat on the bed, legs spread and Lucy's head bobbing up and down between my legs, and Joe positioned at the other end fucking her doggy style. Lucy was a mess after a couple of hours of fucking like this. I leaned forward and took the tip into my mouth, sliding his cock in further.

Eventually, while fucking Lucy for the upteenthtime, I got there, announcing I was gonna shoot. We continued in various positions for a few hours, a bit of party powder here and there. It felt so could to release, and there was a lot. Me and Joe were just passing her between us, both fucking her mouth and pussy frantically hoping the mandy would wear of enough to empty our swollen balls.

There must have been at least 15-20 spurts, and I am a pretty heavy cummer in normal circumstances. Her pussy the same, and I can never resist a taste. Finally, when I was done I pulled out my cock was covered in our combined cum. ", and with that I thrust deep in her, cumming hard.

He shouted, "Move over. I started to pull out but she pulled herself towards me and wrapped her legs round me so I couldn't, saying, " little girl non nude model I want you in me, I want to feel it! I moved away as I got between Lucy's thighs, sliding himself into her sodden pussy, lubed up with my cum. So I porn orgy leaned forward and gave her pussy a lick, kissing and lapping the mess out of her. Mascara running, hair all over the place, and she had definitely run low on energy.

It's my turn for sloppy seconds" smiling at his freshly fucked wife. Joe joined us on the bed. As I stood up on the bed, Joe took my semi in his hand and guided it to his mouth, licking the mess off it. They continued, eyes locked to each other's, and as they came together, leaned towards each other, kissing passionately. Joe finally tensed up, and came.

I could feel it seeping back round my cock as I continued to cum, Lucy moaning, her pussy pulsating around my throbbing cock. It was the first time I felt like the third wheel that night, as they gazed at each other intensely, wielding fucking each other to orgasm. It was hot to watch, my cock was throbbing hard again, but I was spent.

I climbed onto the bed as they made room for me, and the three of us lay there, hands wondering over each other until we drifted off. I started to get my thing together, but they insisted I stay, as their bed was big enough to sleep three. I woke up the following morning alone in their bed. He fucked her harder and harder, as I gazed on stroking myself.

They were too nice though, they had already cooked me breakfast. It didn't take long for me to get hard again, but Joe stopped, turning his full attention to Lucy. After we ate, I said my goodbyes and left. I could hear them chatting and laughing downstairs, so I got dressed and gathered my stuff.

I kissed her back and my hands automatically went to grab her arse. I was glad, as I did not have the energy. We sat down together, and behaved as if it was another day, albeit Lucy was a tad more flirty than normal. And the way they collapsed together, they were two. " Lucy giggled, and replied "Oh yes, for sure! I shook Joe's hand, but as I went to hug Lucy she kissed me on the lips, forcing her tongue down my throat.

We will have to do that again though. I blushed, said goodbye again, and left. Joe had been wanking watching us, and the excitement had got him to the edge. Joe laughed and said, "Let him go, Lucy. I was suddenly more aware of the whole thing, what with the sobering effects morning brings on you, and hoped to make a quick exit.

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You tense your rear, nervous, but try to relax. Ive allowed you movement - a little, anyway. I take in your body, prone and outstretched, your eyes on my face. Perhaps your breasts - no. Your legs remain free. Im kneeling beside you, more naked than you as your knickers remain on. I pull the scarf around your wrist, a simple but effective knot.

So much of you to choose. My gaze on yours, my hand moves across to a nipple. I calmly place a finger each side, and - slowly, slowly - pinch. I am lost, my eyes trying to remember every portion of your skin, your body, how each part gently curves into another. Nothing like enough to touch me. Back arched, your feet scrabble at the bed.

" I look up to your face, see uncertainty tinged with desire. Arms outstretched, but comfortable. There are always interruptions. " You had pleaded with me for a night just for us for weeks, bothered by the time we spend apart even when we are both at home. "Let me show you how much I like you.

Not a mobile device in sight? Can we have a night alone? I contemplate the moment, then reach out a hand to touch your arm - no. All phones off, including yours (and as annoyed as you may be about my commitments, your social needs so often take precedence over conversation).

I cooked, such as it was. Even the doorbell disabled. Sat in the big chair, you snuggle into my lap. As calmly as I began, gradually I let go. And harder still, looking only at your widening eyes and you gasp, then cry out as I strengthen the pressure. " Youd looked down and brought out your trump card.

You told me about college, your friends, who hooked up with who, intrigues amongst the lecturers and students, the latest fruit non nude-syllabus lecture youd crashed. We split a bottle of half-decent wine and left the table a mess. Your breathing takes a while to calm. The chat ebbed, flowed, stilled.

" Shifted a little so I could look at you properly. "Im very proud of how you have dealt with this year. My arms close around you and yours snuggled around my waist. Electronics unplugged. I havent had a decent chance to tell you. My arms fold you against my chest. Your gaze is cast down and I think I have spoiled the moment. I kissed the top of your head.

Then you look up, eyes warm, not worried, and softly: "Sir. " I lift up your chin with a finger so I can look at you properly. You put your palm flat on my chest. The confidence in your movement. A world away from eight months prior; the nerves, the tears, the long sobbing nights.

"Ive missed this too, you know. After - " But it is better not to delve. Put my mouth to your neck and breathe you in. Hold you then, my arms around your skin. Scratched a nail up and down my shirt, watching it move. And I kiss back, deep and full, relishing the full lips against mine, the sharp flicking tongue.

You lean towards me and I let you kiss me. Reluctantly I let you go and you move to the bed as I undress fully; you on your hands and knees facing me. You are not surprised when I take your wrist and tie a scarf around it. Let my lips brush over the very tip of your nipple, hardly touching it at all. " In the center of the bed, head on the pillows, you stretch out your legs, the black knickers stark against your skin.

There may be a smile when I fasten the other end to the bedpost but you are quick to conceal it. Licking my lips, I place my mouth over your breast and suck, pulling my lips closed over your nipple, then flicking it with my tongue. My mouth slides over to your other breast, hands flat on the bed, careful not to touch you yet with anything but my lips and my tongue which circles your nipple, pressing into your skin, sliding over the peak.

Stand behind you and remove your shirt, your bra, unzip your skirt and watch you step out of it. Youre recalling just how constricting two simple scarfs can be. My teeth close over a nipple. I pull it up, languidly, pull up your nipple and your breast. I let you stand, let you pull me up from the chair, and I lead you through to the bedroom.

The nipple falls from my teeth but I do it again, this time following your breast down and pressing my tongue against nipple and breast, pushing it into your skin. My fingers slide from your nipple and I lean my face down instead. Kiss the skin, let my lips graze over you.

You raise your chest but I continue the pressure, making sure the softness of your breast is pulled taut. Returning to your nipple, your breast, squeezing, feeling its firmness and softness. More movement of my tongue over the tender bittten nipple as I bring a hand to your other breast, running fingers across it, then lightly pinching it as my teeth continue to nip.

I know how quickly your fingers can move down to your pussy when we have played in the past. I try not to imagine how wet this might be making you or I will be too eager to taste and find out. You are letting out little sighs. My fingers trace the outline of one breast as I suck on the other. I press the flat of my tongue onto the curve of your breast and lick hard, firm, across your breast, flick the tip of my tongue hard onto and off your nipple.

Move to a virgin piece of skin on your neck and do the same. Hand moves down, stroking your stomach, fingertips and fingernails running over your skin, circling, almost close to tickling. Top lip, bottom lip, stroking the hardening skin. I smile as my lips slide up to your neck, my hand remaining on your breast. I bite, then lick, then blow on the wet skin, graze my teeth across the damp.

" You nod, sighing, eyes closed. It is becoming difficult to restrain myself. This must be torture for you. I bite your shoulder, hard, surprising you with the tight clamp of my teeth. The desire for your tender body, your skin. I have been hard since I undressed you, but this is.

Between nips, between licks, I whisper. You cry out and I lick my tongue over the red teeth marks left on your delicate skin. I watch them as I lick at your skin, watch them run over your feet, toes, fingers running back up your other leg.

Let my tongue drift down your thigh as my fingers run ahead of me on your calf, your ankle. I kiss down your body, your nipples, your stomach, your hips, nipping with my teeth at your skin. Slide down to your upper arm and bite again, the soft flesh inside your arm. I suck each toe in turn, big to little, eliciting a ticklish squeal, then the same on the other foot.

As my fingers stroke up and down your legs, I look up your body. I am lying prone now, almost an extension of you. do you see how much I like you? And finally my eyes settle at the top of your legs. I can see your legs, the skin of your stomach, breasts, hard nipples pointing up, your lips, your arms outstretched.

Teeth bite lightly at your skin. I push your feet and your legs a little further apart. You know what I will soon be touching. You raise your head to look down. Mouth kisses down your foot. Fingernails scratch red trails over your stomach and I kiss you, my tongue deep against yours, pulling away with your bottom lip in my teeth, letting it slide from between them as I leave your mouth.

I pause for a moment, my head just above your feet. You can just see the top of my head by your feet. You know what Im looking at. A long, low moan as you realise how close I am to you. You feel a tongue on your lower leg. Brush my lips over the skin of your inner thigh while I watch your hips moving in anticipation. I kiss up the insides of one leg. More focus just on you.

Your excited nervousness. As I elisha cuthbert nude move my mouth towards you, I try and imagine its the first time I have ever touched you like this. Try and remember what it was like when I explored this with you that first night. You are desperate for more. I stop a few inches from your pussy. I can hear you breathing, lightly, quickly, watch your chest rapidly rise and fall.

I can see the wetness glisten. I blow gently upon your panties, your heat so tantalising. You are trying to keep as still as you can but you can probably feel my breath on you and know I will soon be against you. You know that I often like to lick you through the fabric, my soft tongue and the texture of the panties combining to make you squirm. Almost taste it on my tongue already.

The panties are pulled down, quickly removed, and I know I cannot wait longer. And it all wiped away in a moment when I first placed my tongue upon you, licked, and tasted you. I want naked flesh and I want to be as close to you as I can be. My tongue knows where it needs to be and is pushed, insistently, inside you. With the lightest of touches, I place the very tip of a fingernail at the base of your pussy and drag it up, scratching over the damp cotton, the touch enough for you to understand but teasingly far from satisfying.

My tongue reaches towards you, the tip is pushed between your lips and I slide it, just the end, up and then down. I hold my face just an inch from you. Looking at your wet skin, your soft lips. My tongue is already circling your clit, firm and regular, before my lips enclose it and I start to suck.

My sleazy dream fingers start to push into and out of you. I kneel up between your legs, fingers inside you, fucking you with them, watching your body move to my touch, your mouth gasp and pant. My mouth is watering and you moan as my lips press against yours, firmly against you, between your lips, feeling you against my face.

At this moment, you would do anything to continue. Tasting the honeyed sweetness, the warmth, the softness of your skin inside you, into you, within you. My lips are now up onto and around your clit and my tongue replaced with a finger, then two, inside your warmth. Your hips push up against me as you cry out.

With my fingers pushed deep into you, I pull your clit into my mouth, then press back with my tongue. My tongue flicks at your clit, and your moaning comes faster now - but I am not going to let you come yet. I swop fingers with my other hand, the wet hand brought in front of my eyes to see the strands of your juices.

You eagerly want to taste but I tease you with it, hold it away from you, before wiping the wetness over a nipple, circling it with the wet finger. My hands again trade places and this time the one from inside you is slowly lifted to your mouth. And yet all I want, right now, is for you to feel this.

And suck harder, pulling your nipple into my mouth before you feel teeth again clamping down upon it. You start to grind back immediately. I move quickly now and within a moment my face is above you, looking down into your desperate eyes, and I am pressing my groin into yours, the hard cock pushed up against your pussy. I need to be fucking you.

You watch, dazed from the sensations, as I smear it over my mouth, lips, and lick it all clean. You need me inside you. I lean down, lips over your breast, and suck the taste of your pussy from your nipple. It is becoming too much for you but I know there is more to come. I kneel up and take my cock in hand, sliding the tip over your pussy, your clit, down to your opening but not quite inside.

Then I am up above you again and my cock slides inside you immediately and I start to fuck you. Just the beginning of my cock. As deep as I can fuck into you, as fast as I can fuck you. This is control over you. Your moaning is constant now, your body shaking with each thrust.

Without warning, without build-up, my cock is pounding against you, in you, deep in you. Then my tip is there again and holding the shaft, I push inside. Beneath my hand you are saying something and I slide it roughly away and - "Sir oh god oh god sir oh god go - oh - oh - " I grab at your hair, a fistful pulled tight, your head back and your neck arched.

You are gasping with want. Your legs grip around me and I see your hands pulling at the scarfs, wanting them away, wanting to grasp at me with them. Im not going to stop touching you, however sensitive you might be, but my cock needs other attention. I push a hand, still smelling and tasting of you, over your mouth, let you lick and suck at the fingers.

The thrusting has become a regular, insistent, push into you every few second, filling you deep. The cries subside and the shaking stops and I slow my own movements. With my cock still fucking into you and your legs around me and your mouth crying out, the waves of orgasm spread over you, your pussy contracts around my cock, your hips buck wildly as I keep fucking you throughout.

I sleazy dream keep pushing your mouth on to me, hand tight in your hair. Your eyes are still closed and I grab your hair again and pull your mouth to my cock. You give a little cry when I pull my cock from your mouth, silenced when I kiss you hard, licking at your lips, your tongue, the taste of sleazy dream the two of us. My hand is on my cock as I kneel beside you. Pulling your head to make your mouth fuck my cock, make you clean it properly.

I need to be fucking this body below me. Reach across with my other hand to your breasts and I pinch a nipple as I continue to pump my cock. I start to run my hand up and down the shaft as I look at you. I take my hand from my cock and fingers are down and inside you, sliding over your lips and into you and then back, using the lubrication to go faster.

You can see but cannot reach. I can smell you on me. I look at your body, hand moving faster on me, breathing more quickly, looking down at your skin, your breasts, your legs, your pussy. My eyes are fixed on yours, yours watching my cock.

You open your mouth before you open your eyes but I am smearing my cock over your lips, your mouth, letting you taste yourself on it. Your tongue licks at me and I watch you suck at it, sucking it into your mouth before I draw it out. Your eyes are on my hand, my cock, your mouth open, and I am feeling your skin next to me and looking at breasts and nipples and your mouth, your lips and you and you and I feel the come pushing up through my cock and it spills onto you, onto your breasts, your face, your mouth open in the hope to catch some, groaning as I come onto you, leaning forward to give you all of it.

I reach your mouth and you lick and kiss at me, wanting to be fed my come. I see the come on you and smear it over your face with the flat of my hand, smear it over your skin, your nipples, before following it with my tongue, tasting me on your skin, licking it from you. I straddle your stomach, a leg each side, hand working still upon me.

Your arms slowly respond and slide around me, pulling me to you. Spent, I push my body up to your mouth and let you lick at my cock. I move you over, holding you from behind, biting your neck gently. You will not be let go until I desire.

That could be some time. You pull my arm against you. As we kiss, lick, and explore, I am undoing knots around your wrists. /u/homeagainlicketyspit Sliding out, I move to kneel beside your body. Dizzy headed, I hold you.