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boom boom boom boom The whole ship was vibrating. I'm really in the moment right now. The walls, the rooms, the people, the ocean. First time trying this. Hope someone likes it. The music sounds and feels great. The next band had just come on stage.

She turned around and kissed me, then resumed dancing. I felt it rush back up from my feet to the top of my head. She was dancing in front of me, occasionally bumping into each other. It had already been an amazing day and it looked like tonight was going to be even better. I put my hand on her hip and moved with her.

I've got no clue what fucking time it is but I know I saw the sun set about an hour ago. I felt it in my lips and then it traveled all the way through to the back of my head and down my spine. I put my hand over my eyes and then moved it down my face and took a deep breath. Even the scent is intoxicating. She turns around and pretends to whisper in my ear but doesn't say anything.

Her ass is ridiculous. Her hair is long, dark and straight. She's wearing a tight black dress with a blazer, looking sharp. She backs into me and rolls her body up against mine. I feel my dick start to press against my pants and my heart is beating in my chest. I can't stop staring at her ass and thighs. I start dancing with her again, both of us facing the stage.

She had to have felt my cock press against her ass. I take a deep breath and kiss her neck. "Whew, that was so awesome", she said. ", my eyes wide and dark. She turns around, her face is flush, and sticks her tongue out. We watch the next band play for about an hour. "That was fucking badass! I'm kissing her neck and putting my hand on her midsection.

At this point she's grinding up against me every few minutes. She turns around and kisses me. We danced for what must have been an hour while continuing to flirt back and forth. She turns her head and smiles at me. Her tongue swirls around mine.

She even tastes amazing. I'm grabbing her thighs and pulling her into me. I held her hand and she lead the way to her room. By the time we got there I was rolling my ass off. When we got into the room she kissed me again. "Come with me so I can change for the next show", she says. We are both feeling the show and the crowd. "Oh hello", she said, and then laughed.

When we got to the door I caught a glimpse of her eyes and could tell she was too. It sent a chill through my entire body. I sat on the couch and looked around the room. She grabs me by the hand and heads away from the stage. She grabbed my dick to see if it was hard. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom. She looked good in the dress and blazer but holy fuck!

She was wearing black boy shorts and a hot pink tank top. I took a few deep breaths and readjusted myself. I couldn't stop looking. She stood there, amused and smiling while putting on some chapstick. Her thighs were thick, like a soccer player. Her midsection was showing between the shirt and the shorts.

She had amazing hips and her stomach was defined but didn't look hard, which is exactly what I like. There wasn't much going on in it because no one stays in their room on trips like this. She's got that thang, for real. Michelangelo himself couldn't have done her backside justice. At this point my dick is harder than it's ever been.

She walked by me to the other side of the room, clearly so I could look at her ass. I can feel my heart beat in it. She's wearing a bra and it's pushing her boobs together in the most appetizing way possible. "You are amazing", I blurted. Her hair is up in a high ponytail that's a little to one side.

Suddenly she turned around and said "Be right back" as she headed to the bathroom. When she got close to me, she turned in a circle, teasing me. She smiled and began walking toward me. She tasted like candy. Her skin looks amazing next to the hot pink top. She grinded into my hips and then back down again, while still kissing me. I put my hands on her thighs and she leaned in and put her tongue in my mouth again.

She straddled on my lap with her legs to each side. I pulled her close to me and put my face near her neck. "This feels amazing", I whispered in her ear. I felt a wave move through my skin and down my body. She moaned and I kissed her neck. She moaned again and pulled away.

She held my dick, through my pants, and pressed her lips against mine again. She laughed and then hurried over, pushing me to a leaned back position against the couch. She looked me in the eyes and then put her hand on the bulge against my shorts.

I moved my hands to her ass orgasm denial and then pulled her into me, hard. She puts her hand into my pants and grabs my dick. We kissed for a few seconds while my hands roamed her entire body. Her eyes widen as she takes it into her hand.

She moves to the floor, unbuttons my pants and pulls my zipper down. It's so hot and wet it sends a shock of ecstasy through me. My dick is absolutely rock hard. She leans forward and takes it into her mouth. I can't believe this is happening. This ridiculously hot woman is on her knees in front of me with my dick deep in her mouth.

She ran her tongue along my top lip and then into my mouth. My heart is beating fast. She pushes her mouth down on it again and then pulls it out and licks from the base to the head again. I pulled away for a second and moved my hands up to her waist.

She pulls away from it and then sticks her tongue out and runs it from the base to the head. While it's as far as it can possibly free porn bbw fit in her small, wet mouth, she makes eye contact with me. I moan loudly and she looks up at me and smiles, lips still around my swollen dick. She smiles and then does the unthinkable. I feel her tongue come out of her mouth and reach my balls. Holy fucking shit, I've never felt anything like that in my life.

I move down to the floor and on top of her. She does this maneuver a few more times and on then jams my entire dick into the back of her mouth and throat. I put my lips against hers and then my tongue in her mouth. I see her lick her lips while free porn bbw looking at it, so fucking hot.

We kiss for a moment while she slowly laid back. I kiss her neck behind the ear and then run my tongue down her neck. I feel like I'm already coming but thankfully it's not happening. She puts her hands back behind her to hold herself up. She flicks it against them a few times and then pulls off and takes a huge breath.

I began to kiss her cheek, then the bottom of her ear, nibbling a bit. I bite her nipple but it's through the bra and shirt. She leans up and removes both. She pulls me up to her face and, "please just fuck me", she says. I nibble again and she shivers and digs her nails into my shoulder.

I kiss from down her chest. I press the head of my dick against her lips and they open. When I get down to her belly button she moans and grabs my shirt collar. This drives me more crazy. I kiss from her neck to her chest. I lean forward on my hands and bend down to kiss her while entering her at the same time.

I pull her panties to the side and notice they are wet. The entire length of my cock slides in on the first stroke and I hold it there. She bites my lip and moans. I can feel my heartbeat in my dick. I rub the head from the bottom the top and down again, opening her further.

I've never felt anything like it. She is so goddamn wet that there is basically no friction. Every time I give her the whole dick, she lets out a low grunt. It's so fucking hot I feel like I could explode at any moment and fill her inside completely. I put her legs on my shoulders and kiss her ankle.

I'm giving her three short strokes and then entering her fully on the fourth. I stop briefly to remove her panties. I push my head against her pussy and it gets swallowed whole. We are both moaning; I have no idea how loud we are being. Every time I get to the back of her vagina, I hold it there for a moment. I begin to pull in and out of her. She smiles and bites her bottom lip.

"Oh my god, you're getting so deep, please don't stop. " I start to thrust harder and a little faster, making sure to go as deep as I can every time. She wants it so bad and I want nothing more on the entire planet than to give it to her. She seems to go crazy from this, "fuck me harder", she screams. As I start fucking her harder my balls begin to slap down against her ass.

She's still dripping wet which can be seen on my cock. She feels amazing, inside and out. My balls continue to slap her in the ass as she starts to cum. I begin slowly again but it's very, very deep. I bring down my weight onto her, piercing her body with my dick. After only five or six full strokes, she grabs me and pulls me close. I feel her insides squeeze onto my cock as she begins to cum.

She screams as my rock hard cock sits free porn bbw inside of her, she wiggles underneath me, grinding against me. I'm stroking her as good as I can by now. I lift my weight off my knees and onto my arms. Our skin rubbing against each other. I didn't finish but felt like I had a thirty minute orgasm.

"Harder", she demands. I keep it inside of her for a moment and then slowly pull out and kiss her. We must have laid there, rubbing each other and laughing and joking, for fifteen or twenty minutes. Neither of us have said anything. I lay beside her and catch my breath. She stands up, crosses the room and opens the sliding glass door to the balcony.

Soon, she's finished and strikes a lighter. "I need to smoke a bowl before we go back out there", she said. She cums all over my dick, which is still as hard as a mountain. After a few moments she sits up quickly, "god, I'm burning up". She inhales deeply, holding it until she can walk onto the balcony, and then exhales it over the ocean.

I'm watching it float away and then my eyes drift down her back, returning to her ass and legs. I'm overcome with a feeling. I get behind her and put my arms on the outside of her, leaning my hands on the balcony rail. The sight is unbelievable.

She grabs a bag and carries it back across the room and begins fiddling with things inside. I tighten my arms around her. She takes another hit from her pipe and then looks at me. She turns and smiles, backing up and pushing into me. She was leaning onto the railing of the balcony while smoking.

I stand up and move toward her. I breath her in and hold it. I get a whiff of her smell and it intoxicates me again. I exhale a puff of smoke and kiss her. I lean in and open my mouth. Everything about her is amazing. I look down at her ass, pressed against me. She presses her mouth against mine and exhales. Her skin is so soft against mine.

"I wonder what she tastes like. I start to think about it, my mouth begins watering. She pushes her ass against my dick. I bite her neck and she moans. I bite her neck delicately. She's able to position it between her legs without using her hands, so now I'm standing behind her with my dick between her legs, the top of it pressing against her ass and pussy.

It's hard as a rock again because I still haven't come. I kiss the back of her neck. I close my eyes, just to capture the moment. I drop to my knees and bury my face into her ass and pussy. "Oh my god", I mumble. She dips down and comes back up again, my dick rubbing between her ass cheeks. I put my hands on her waist.

She's dripping wet again. I can't control myself as I run my tongue from her clit to the bottom of her pussy. "Oh my god", this time it was her saying it. I enter her with my tongue and her leg shakes a little. She moans and reaches back with her left hand and puts it on the back of my head.

Suddenly, I have the most carnal urge that I've ever felt rush through me. She puts her hand down in front of her and grabs the head of my dick and pushes it against her. I suck on her lips and run my tongue between them. I want to make her cum with my mouth.

She gasps as I push her against the rail with my face and hands. She tastes as good as she smells. I make a slurping sound. She pushes on my head against her and drives my tongue deep inside of her. I run my tongue against her clit. After eating it for a few moments she turns around. I moan and begin to suck. She lifts one of her legs and puts it on my shoulder.

She grabs my hair and pulls my face back into her pussy. I run my tongue up to her clit and take it into my mouth. It's impossible to keep my mouth in one place as she begins grinding her pussy against my mouth, her juices running down my chin. I stand up and turn her around, back into our original position, standing against the rail.

My dick enters her with ease. Her legs start to shake, "I'm cumming, please don't stop, i'm cumming! I feel her juices dripping down my shaft. I fuck her hard and fast against the railing. Her legs begin to shake so hard that she can't hold herself up. I reach my arm around her and place my hand above her clit. I grab onto her waist and keep my mouth on her pussy.

I lower my head and lick her from bottom to top again. I take my hand out of her mouth and put it directly onto her clit. I lift my hand and extend my finger. Her pussy is the greatest place in the world right now. She lets out a scream.

We continued fucking on the balcony for a few minutes. She puts it in her mouth immediately and begins to suck it while I fuck her from behind. I slow my strokes and exit her vagina, but I don't want to take a break. She tells me she's going to come again so I continue what I'm doing. She reaches back with one hand and places it on her right ass cheek. I begin to rub and alternate between thrusts.

I pick her up and take her to the bed inside, a few feet away. She pulls her ass cheek to the side, exposing her dripping, gaping pussy that I just left moments before. I'm covered in her juices and both of our sweat. I feel an unbelievable pressure in my balls; I need a release. She's on her knees at the edge of the bed. I begin pounding her right away, going as deep as possible, just like she asked me to.

Again, I'm overtaken and have a rock hard dick still ready for more, so I enter her again. I can still taste her on my lips. She now places both hands back, one on each cheek, and spreads for me. "Please cum inside of me", she says. This drives me to another level of pleasure. thicker and longer than I remember it, glistening with her juices, thrust in and out of her delicious body.

As I pound her harder and faster she has to remove her hands from her ass and use them to steady herself. She reaches down with one hand and grabs my dick, guiding it to her pussy again. She starts backing up against me.

I want to shoot everything I have so deep inside of her. She was so good at this. She moves her legs together and then puts her feet in between my legs, backing up against me. She moved her ass in circular motions, changed speeds frequently and took the entire thing. She felt so much smaller in this position, with my dick sometimes not fully entering her because of space issues.

Every time I hit her cervix, she moaned with ecstacy. She tells me to be still. I just stood there, looking down at her pussy lips gripping my dick back and forth, pulling away from her body as she pulled off my dick, and then everything folding back inside when she slammed back against me.

I grabbed her hands and placed them behind her on her ass. I push her down onto her belly. I press against it, entering her. She lets out a low, deep moan. Let me feel it", she said. I start pounding her pussy as hard as I can.

I feel like I'm mid-orgasm already but I have came. She starts to scream but begs me to keep going. I start to stay deep inside of her, even between thrusts. I can tell that a release is near. Without me instructing her, she spread her ass to expose herself. Her ass looks so amazing, it's big and round and incredibly smooth.

There is nothing that could possibly stop me at the point. "Blow your load inside of me. She lets out a squeal and begins to come again. I push as deep as possible inside of her and then begin to grind against her ass. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, which is the hardest it's been all night. The first rush of cum felt like it was boiling hot.

I move upwards on her body while fully thrusted in her and my dick pushes against the wall of her vagina. I close my eyes and my dick explodes into her. She squeezed and bit against the sheets of the bed, screaming into it. She screams into the sheets again, "I'm cumming so hard". I push inside of her a few more times and then pull out, cum dripping off my dick and onto her, dripping down between her ass and onto her pussy.

She laid there, squirming, not really talking, cumming. I feel my balls squeeze and I feel her pussy contract around the base of my cock. This drives me over the edge. I pulled my dick out about half way and when the second rope of cum came out of me, I slammed my dick back down inside of her, pushing my cum as far as it can possibly go.

I looked at what I'd done to her and then at what she had done to me. She put one of her arms underneath her and placed it on her pussy, covering it up, sort of rubbing her finger back and forth over the hole I had just filled, playing with my cum and feeling its warmth.

Her body was contracting on the bed, and her legs were shaking. She started laughing slightly. I'm not sure why, but I wanted to make her cum again. She bucks against me, anticipating my next thrust. I put hand on her ass and spread it, she squealed. I saw her fingers enter her pussy so I took that as a sign she wanted me to continue.

I pushed my face into her ass and started licking the skin between her asshole and her pussy. I'd never felt such relief. I started making my strokes longer, getting closer to her hole. I put the tip of my finger in, she screamed, but in pleasure. I moved it from left to right, up and down.

I put my tongue against her ass. I let my finger graze it; she shivered. She put her other arm underneath her and begin stroking her clit. Right after she stopped coming, I continued licking her ass but decided I'd relieve one of her hands.

I put two fingers inside of her and pressed against her g-spot. She begged me to keep going. I alternated between rubbing there and sliding my tongue across her ass. She came again, this time convulsing into a pleasure fit. I kept going for a few seconds until she said stop.

After coming down from that. I kept licking her asshole until she began to shake. we looked at the clock. "Oh my god", she said. She had fingers inside of herself at this point. We both stepped in the shower to wash off, while hoping there wasn't enough distractions to keep us from missing the next show as well. She laid there, convulsing, laughing, and shaking for 20 nude women, why not look here, ten minutes.

The plan is to head out there soon. We'd missed the next show, but the music wasn't even close to over. I hadn't heard music the whole time but now it seemed so loud. As we stepped in the shower, I noticed the walls of the boat were vibrating.

we'll see if we make it.

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Excerpt fromLovejoy: The Unbelievably Trues Stories of a Manhattan Escort Read Chap. I softly knocked on door. " Jim was a tall blonde drink of water from Texas who worked as a security analyst for a huge international oil company here in Manhattan. ' I’ve never been stopped by security in any hotel. Jim answered it with a smile and said, "Come on in, beautiful.

He likes to anna faris nude kiss though, like most escorts in our chat forum proclaim, I don’t kiss clients. 1 for FREE The text read 'Rm 1505. What a twisted logic we shared; willing to let a man penetrate almost every hole in your body for money but deny him the intimacy of kissing. He threw some ice in a glass and cracked open a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey.

He closed the door behind me and I stood by it waiting. Jim was one of those clients who gets off in five minutes and spends the rest of his hour talking. He complained about how expensive it was to live here and unfriendly women.

"No, thank you," I said, setting my bag on a table. I carry myself confidently through the immense lobby with my nose in the air; blending in with every other young professional woman going about her business. He pulled out his wallet from his back pocket, pulled out five hundred dollars and handed them to me. He kicked off his shoes before scooching onto the bed to rest his head on the pillows and putting one arm behind his head while holding his balanced drink on his chest, he watched anna faris nude me intently the whole time.

" I slowly took off my jacket and tossed it aside to reveal my low buttoned blouse. I counted in front of him before shoving the bills in my bag. I let down my hair from its messy bun. It was so quiet in the room. It tumbled to my shoulders as I shook it out, combing and fluffing it with my fingers. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this city.

You know what daddy likes. My hands moved to my blouse, my fingers lingering at each button before I popped them open one by one to reveal a white satin bra. "Now hike up that skirt. " He sipped his drink as I stood up to walk to the foot of the bed. " I knew this game; draw it up a little, then stop and look him anna faris nude in the eye. "Women don’t talk to you unless you drive a Porsche," he said, sitting beside me on the bed.

I pulled my shirt tails from my skirt, coyly standing before him, open shirted and awaiting my next command. He motioned for me to come closer. He reached out his drink hand and stroked my smooth satin covered crotch with his knuckles, his eyes firmly glued to the sight.

I walked around to his side of the bed, my skirt still gathered high as his eyes bore into my approaching thighs. This continues until my skirt is bunched up in my hands well above the top of white satin panties. " I stepped back and slid down my panties, until they dropped to the floor on their own, stepped out of them while holding up my skirt up high and waited for what comes next.

"Take ‘em off, girl. The back of his hand continued to glide over satin and skin until he drew it away. " I licked my manicured finger before sliding it between my pussy lips, slowly sliding it back and forth over my clit the way he likes it. He laid there watching mesmerized until he held out his glass. He shut his eyes and sucked my finger, humming contently to himself for a while before opening his storm grey eyes.

I removed my finger from his mouth as he gazed into my sly eyes. Then, as per his liking, I placed my soaked index finger between his parting lips. He set his drink on the night stand before scooting down the bed and settled in until he was comfortable. "Stir my drink," he said. He motions upwards with his whiskey glass in hand and I pull my skirt up a little higher. He stared at the sight of me before he gruffly said, "Now put your finger in your pussy.

He’s good, so good that I was getting excited. It darted and licked and greedily sucked at my clit. But I never let a client know. Bring that pretty little box over here. " I climbed onto the bed, straddled his head and gingerly sat on his face. I withdrew my glistening finger from pussy lips, leaned over, slid it in his drink and stirred until the ice swirled and clinked against the glass.

His liquor soaked tongue burned my tender flesh at first before subsiding under his silky licks. I began to make a shopping list in my head while Jim ate me like a man eating his last meal on Earth. A little moan escaped my lips as I stared at the painting inches from my nose above the bed.

My fingers gripped the headboard as I tried not to squirm and not ride his face like a pony. His gaze never left mine as he unzipped his pants pulling out his fully hard cock. They don’t need to know that their sexual prowess can excite a sexual professional. I stuck my tongue out as if I would lap it all up.

His gaze returned to my eyes and then down my open shirt, watching my tits strain against bra. He began to stroke it, looking into the mirror behind me, staring at the reflection of my naked, moist haunches exposed from my hiked up skirt. He stroked harder and faster until ropey spurts of cum shot into the air.

How come you’re not married? " "My husband left me for an opera singer. I drew up on my knees, crawled back off his face, down his chest and backing down until I was positioned on all fours between his legs to stare back at him. As I wiped his limp dick, he said, "You sure know how to take care of a man.

He emerged, wiping his face with a towel. He sat on the bed’s edge and griped about politics as he finished his drink. After a few minutes, he tapped my thigh. My face hovered above his knees, my hands squarely on his thighs. I waited a few moments, until he let go of his still jerking penis before getting off the bed to prepare a nice, wet warm wash towel in the bathroom and came back to clean up his sticky mess.

" "Order whatever you want. " He got up and went into the bathroom to wash up. I called room service and ordered a chef’s salad, iced tea, and a turkey club sandwich to take home for dinner. I kicked off my shoes, turned on the TV and settled back into a propped pillow against the headboard. With the ice tinkling in the empty glass, he set it down and rose to return to work.

Not bad for an hour and a half worth of work. " He left, always leaving the room download porn for me to do whatever I want. I grouped the bills by denomination before shoving them in my wallet, leaving Softcore Movie trailers a ten out to tip room service. After eating, I double locked the door, stripped naked, turned off the TV and crawled between the cool sheets to nap to wait out the sweltering afternoon in this wonderfully air-conditioned room and leave under cool dark of night.

Until next time, slim. "Is it okay if I order room service? Seven hundred and fifty dollars; one blow job and my pussy well eaten. I counted out my day’s earnings as I waited.